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“Our motivation for creating Cruzee Balance Bikes is driven first and foremost by being parents, and like all parents we want the best for our children.”

Cruzee Balance Bikes are the product of both being a parent and a decades long career developing world class bicycles and related products. We can think of no better place to apply decades of learning than to making a positive impression on the generations that follow.

We have engaged the best cycle component manufacturers, material suppliers, and assembly plants, with all of our efforts centered around a deceptively simple idea: make a bike that excels in all ways, while maintaining its affordability & accessibility to as many families as possible.

We deeply feel the need to do our best to insure all of our children can grow up in an world that is clean and safe. So, in addition to engineering & production excellence, we have always focused on environmental sustainability & responsibility. We look forward to setting the standard for sustainable manufacturing at Cruzee, especially now as we make Cruzee Balance Bikes Bikes available in North America for the first time in 2016!

Perfect starter bike


This is a great balance bike for kids starting out. I did lots of research when picking a bike and am really happy with the Cruzee. It comes in lots of colours and is super light for all those times we do go for a bike ride but she wants to walk and I end up carrying the bike.

Kerry C.

New South Wales

Fantastic bike - cannot fault it


Quality product. Looks great. Very light – I can lift it with one finger and strap it to my backpack or put in pram undercarriage when not in use. An extra seat post (longer) is included so you get more years out of it. Tyres cannot puncture (foam filled I think). Easy to adjust etc. We’ve had it for years now and it’s still going strong and used regularly. A bit expensive but worth it for the quality and the number of years it is used.



Best 1st Bike


Firstly – it is very light, only 2KG
We got it for our little boy for his 2nd birthday and it took just over a month for him to get his balance going!!
This bike is low enough for little legs, light enough for you to carry and the wheels are foam – no flat tyres ever.
Highly recommend it.